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Ella proved to be more effective than levonorgestrel regardless of weight and definitely performed better on overweight and obese women. Ella bested Plan B. Plan B can be bought over-the- counter without a prescription (no matter your age). It is most effective within 2 days but it can be taken on the third day. Plan B is approved when taken within the first three days following unprotected sex, but is more effective the sooner it's taken. In obese women, Plan B has.

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Although EC may be used up to five days after sex, it is less effective when there Plan B® and Next ChoiceTM: Take one tablet immediately and take the. Emergency contraception works best when uses as soon as possible after unprotected sex · Levonorgestrel pills and ulipristal acetate are most effective when. How to take it: · Plan B is the most effective in the first 24 hours after unprotected sexual intercourse but may be taken up to hours after intercourse. · It.

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What is Plan B and how is it used? Plan B is an OTC and prescription medicine used to as emergency pot-coital contraception. Plan B may be used alone or. Ella is 65% more effective at preventing pregnancy than Plan B when it's taken within 24 hours. If taken within 72 hours, Ella is still 42% more effective. How Does Plan B Work? Plan B contains a single, highly concentrated dose of levonorgestrel, the same hormone used in many daily birth control pills, which.